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Conduct a background check on Asian Nannies or Caregivers

Are you looking to hire an Asian nanny or caregiver to take care of your children and elderly parents? One of the critical next steps before employing an Asian nanny or Ayi is to run a background check. This background check verifies that you hire a trustworthy Asian nanny or caregiver with no criminal history. Knowing your loved ones are in safe hands will provide peace of mind.

Background checks are now standard practice in the nanny industry. Most parents consider it essential to obtain background information on potential caregivers.

Here's a guide on how to conduct a successful background check on your Asian nanny or senior caregiver.


This can be a new process to an Asian nanny like a Chinese auntie. You can start by letting her know you're interest in a background check and get her permission. You can do that during the interview or before your trial or hire.

Confirm Identification Happy nanny and child

The first step in the background check is to confirm the Asian nanny's identity. Request the  full name, driver's license number, and social security number. If she is not a U.S. citizen, ask her for her work permit and passport number.

If possible, complete the I-9 form together with your nanny to verify her work right. You can verify the details of the form using the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Check Criminal Records

Choose a background check agency that reviews criminal records for at least seven years.

Ask about the countries the nanny has resided in for the past seven years. Then you can determine to use a local, national, or international background check. An international background check may consider excessive and time-consuming, depending on the country's regulations.

Note that many caregivers may not have been in the US long enough to warrant a lengthy background check.

Many employers rely on local US background checks. You may choose a more comprehensive check based on your comfort level and assessment of the nanny. The background check report should include arrest history, convictions, public court records, criminal history, and any other relevant information.

Child Neglect and Abuse Records

You can find child neglect and abuse records at the state's child protective services from one state to the next. Currently, 30 states in the United States allow employers to go through their offender registry, but some states might not.

State laws regarding nanny screening for child neglect or abuse vary. Check your state's laws to ensure compliance. If the Ayi has a conditional work permit, their background information is available through the relevant state records.

Examine Driving Records

Before allowing your nanny to drive your child or elderly parent, verify their driving record.

You can contact the DMV in each state where they have held a driver's license. These records will typically include any violations, license suspensions, accidents, and convictions.

You can obtain a nanny's driving record from the DMV in their country of origin or their embassy in the United States.

Check the Sex Offender Registry

Sex offenses are now on the rise, so it is not out of place to conduct a sex offender investigation on your Asian nanny or caregiver.

Before entrusting your children to a nanny, make sure they have no record of sex offenses.

The sex offender registry is open to the public in the United States and many other countries. Hence you can access the database and check.

Check References

Request a list of references before working with the nanny. Contact them to inquire about their experiences if possible.

Most professional nannies maintain a list of references. They may provide details about the most recent ones or those who had a positive working relationship with them.

Contact these references and ask questions about their experiences with the nanny you are interviewing.

If a reference is busy, they may provide a recommendation letter. Prepare a list of questions to keep the conversation concise. Ensure you gather all necessary information without overstaying your welcome.

Helpers' references may sometimes not be available for contact. Review this article to learn more about how you can work with a helper without reference check.

Evaluate Education and Employment History

Request the Nanny's educational background and employment history. Verify their educational skills and employment records. This step helps assess their skills, and experience for the position. Due to the change in countries, this verification from their previous location may be difficult to reach. To verify their qualifications, consider obtaining character references from their family or friends in your area.

Review Social Media Presence

With the nanny's consent, review their social media profiles. This will help you gain a broader understanding of their personality, interests, and potential concerns.

Most Asian nannies may not use American social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Consider reviewing their WeChat or Xiao Hong Shu accounts. This can provide valuable clues about their character and interactions.

Checking Credit History

You may want to consider doing a credit check on your caregiver. It can provide valuable insights into a person's financial history and potential red flags.

The US credit checks are typically through consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) such as Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion. These CRAs maintain comprehensive databases of individuals' credit history, including loan records, payment behavior, and potential defaults. Employers can access this information with the consent of the nanny. This will allowing you to assess their financial stability and responsibility.


Many agencies and security services provide different packages for the background checks. AyiConnect partners with a reputable third-party background check company.

If you require assistance with a background check, AyiConnect can facilitate the process for a fee starting at $22.


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